So, what is this about, and for?

It is an experiment in self-expression, cultural critique, and the use of social software.  I, for one, do not expect that I have anything more important to say than most others.  But, I have been told several times lately by people whom I respect that I need to say some of the things I have said to them to a wider audience.  This is one attempt to do so.

Topics of conversation will probably include librarianship and library education; education in general; HTML and CSS; song lyrics, particularly their influence on my life; technology; my search for the ‘good life’; the feeling of being betrayed by my country; pop culture; and whatever else I happen to find disturbing, enlightening, intriguing, or just plain entertaining.

I am very ambivalent about this project for several reasons.  I do not have a real focus; I know that I won’t be necessarily blogging that frequently; and I think this whole process is quite narcissistic.  But, since I have come to believe that dialogue is the important thing, I must try.

4 thoughts on “So, what is this about, and for?

  1. Please keep writing for as long as you find it necessary/intriguing/fulfilling or just plain fun (and and other definitive word you can think of). You are doing something most of us would never think of doing much less go through with it. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I’m reading this about 9 months since it was posted. So do you still feel the same way you did? I used to think blogging was narcissistic (though I didn’t use such eloquent words as you did) but realised it’s as narcissistic as one chooses to be — or not. You’re right about the dialogue. That I agree wholeheartedly. Keep posting.

  3. Hi Ivan and thanks for the comment.

    I would now take the “quite” out and would be more in line with what you said. Blogging is as narcissistic as one chooses it to be. Although in our society I would suggest that many don’t understand the distinction. I have made a few posts that were narcissistic I have no doubt, but hopefully only a few. I don’t think anyone really is interested in much of my life. So I try to restrict the narcissistic bits to interesting stuff. Of course, how can I judge what others might find interesting? At least in contrast to say, tittilating.

    And while I haven’t found as much dialogue as I’d like, I have found it and have tried to contribute to it.


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