CSS and TypePad

Oops!  That little bit of CSS that I added to the last post appears to have affected every post.  Not exactly what I wanted.  Dang.

Oh, it is only when they are on the main page together.  And probably also once it is archived it will affect all the others on the November page.  But it is not affecting individual posts though.

Maybe I’ll have to go back and code those indents  and centered headers some other way, i.e., inline style.  Later though.  It has taken quite a while to turn that Word doc into a presenntable HTML file and then a presentable blog post.

So if you get another copy of this post in your aggregator sometime in the next few days, I apologize.  But it’ll have to be fixed.

The lesson is to only use inline styles in TypePad.  At least at the Plus level and below.  The Pro, for another $60/yr, offers full HTML editing.  But what about CSS styling?  Either way, that feature is not worth another $60/yr for now.  I can easily do inline styling.  The problem, though, is only limited CSS styling is supported.  I have run into issues previously; I just can’t remember what they are right now.

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