More movies and indexing

Been spending a lot of time working on my book index for class.  I have about 14 more pages to do tomorrow (out of 88) and then I have to type it up and check it, disambiguate some things, and so on.

Since it is such tedious work I have allowed myself to intersperse some breaks.  I’ve been following the adventures of others at CiL, and to a lesser extent at PLA.  I’ve also been doing some reading at lunch time and while having snacks.  I’ve been making a bit of progress in a book on book history that I started a while ago. 

Also read Edouard Machery, "Concepts are Not a Natural Kind." Philosophy of Science, 72 (3) July 2005.  I still am a member of the Philosophy of Science Association, because for $25/yr as a student I consider it a deal to get the print journal and have full online access.  I’m sure I could get it at the UIUC Library, but I prefer to have it in hand.  I know.  Archaic.  Especially since so much of it is beyond me.  So be it.  These are exactly the kinds of articles I need to hand if I want to be a cataloger.

Got more movies when I returned the last set.  This was a very good trio, let me say.

Sex and Lucia was recommended by Ranger at in the hoosegow back in Sep 05.  It was very good.  A powerful story.

Sueño was lovely and had wonderful music.  I just wish the songs had sub-titles so I could understand more of the lyrics.  A nice, little story about reaching for your dreams.  Oh, just don’t believe that plot synopsis at  There is no love triangle.  Must have been a 12-year old boy who wrote that stupid comment.  And while I may think Michelle Williams is a little cutey and feel bad for it,
Elizabeth Peña is one gorgeous middle-aged woman and I see no need to
feel bad about thinking that, because she is only 2 1/2 years younger
than me.  I really liked her in Lone Star.  I also see she’s been in a lot of movies I haven’t seen.  May have to add some of those to my list.

Off the Map is set in the high desert of northern New Mexico and is a treat for the eyes.  Sam Elliott is at his finest playing the depressed husband, while Joan Allen shines as his wife trying to cope with his depression.  Valentina de Angelis is exquisite as their highly independent 12-year old daughter Bo.  Simply incredible storytelling and movie making.  Rent this movie.

Other than that, not much getting done.  The to-do list gets added to but not much gets taken off.  I remind myself that I am making progress on things that are somewhat involved, but still….

No massage because they’re closed this week.  Can’t turn in my petition paperwork because I need my advisor’s signature and she’s wisely on break herself.  Should write Jeremy but we did talk on the phone the other day so it isn’t quite so pressing.  Not getting on campus much so can’t do much networking. 

I love taking vacation and not getting much of anything done.  Especially when the point of the "vacation" is to get stuff done.  Of course, needing to take vacation so one can get things done sucks to start with!

Tomorrow I have to clean because I have a dog showing up about 8 AM Saturday morning.  Can’t have poor Hap turning into a dustball while she’s here.  She doesn’t breathe very well to start with.  Cleaning it is then.