Poetry? Verse? Maybe just heartfelt crap.

If anyone finds this offensive I’m blaming Jenica for reminding me that it’s National Poetry Month.  What she recently said goes double for me: "Much to the horror of several dear friends, I don’t really "do" poetry.  It makes me twitchy and irritable."

I most certainly do not "do" poetry.  I rarely ever read it; although it is a character flaw that I am slooowly trying to cure myself of.  I most certainly do not write it.  Except.  Just last week I did.  Now whatever it was that I did can certainly be argued, and probably will be after it is read by you all, it was certainly from my heart.  [Please, please do not unsubscribe to my feed!  I promise to never ever publish any more of my "poetry."]

My friend and school chum Maggie celebrated her birthday last week and in a moment of putting off my school work I wrote some original verse to inscribe in her birthday card earlier in the day.

I swear it’s Jenica’s fault!  I would never have thought to post this here until she reminded me that it’s National Poetry Month, and seeing as this is a democracy I am free to add my horrible but heartfelt verses to the mix.  Consider yourselves warned!

"Ode to a lovely lass named Maggie"

I know a beautiful* young lady named Maggie.
She makes all the boys go quite waggie.

She has always treated me warmly,
which is not what I get, normally.

Storyteller of merit, already is she,
but she’ll progress still, to a higher degree.

Today is her birth day,
which I hope is a mirth day.

I wrote her this small verse
as a small measure of reimburse,
and to demonstrate her worth,
on this, the day of her birth.

*"On the use of ‘beauty’"

This word gets used a lot in our culture,
but often in the role of vulture.
I, though, use it differently
and not at all incidentally.

While good looks are fine,
they are not enough,
and actually, are just fluff.
Because true beauty requires us
to be much more than desirous,
but entails a good heart, kind soul and a wondrous mind.

And you want to know why she does deserve it?   Because she had the decency to tell me that she appreciated it.  We did not discuss whether she ‘liked’ it.  🙂

Now, are there any questions as to why I don’t "do" poetry?

2 thoughts on “Poetry? Verse? Maybe just heartfelt crap.

  1. I would be touched and charmed if a friend wrote me a poem for my birthday.

    (I think that statement absolves me of ALL BLAME for unleashing you on the internet. Hee.)

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