What have I been up to?

I’m not even sure I remember much myself.  Really, nothing too outstanding has been going on.  I have been having some fun in between all of the monotony and labor, though.

In the interest of prepping to move I have given up on many of my summer goals.  I have been reading though, and have even finished 2 books.  I hope to have reviews of at least one of them up soon.

As for the possible job, it has been morphing somewhat and I have no idea how or where it stands now.  But I was asked to submit a resume, so I’m still a bit hopeful.

I enjoyed a nice relaxing 4th with Basil and friends at Basil’s 1st Cookout.  I came home just in time to watch the fireworks from my ‘backyard.’  I was so far away that I couldn’t even hear them, although there was plenty of fools lighting off stuff in the area.  My pictures aren’t so great since I was so far away and had the camera’s optical and digital zooms maxed out.  There was also a streetlight in most photos and a bad angle for all.

I really felt pretty disconnected from it all during the fireworks this year.  But I will take that any day over watching them with my child deployed to a war zone.

I got a new phone recently as my contract was up soon and my the battery in the old phone was quickly dying.  I can work some parts of it, but not others yet.  I also got a new camera as the external shutter on the one I got in January got dorked.  Luckily, I had bought the extended warranty so I got a new Canon A530 in place of the A520.  It was an even price swap so it only cost me a trip to the store.

In the middle of the week I testified in an atbitration hearing about our graduate benefits.  It may be a few weeks before we hear how it works out though.  It’d be really nice to know now though because part of it is about whether or not we can cash in any unused vacation.  I’m enjoying my time off, but I could really use some ‘extra’ money too.  It’d be nice to know before I burn most of it up.

I’ve been prepping for moving.  Lots of shuffling stuff around at the local storage, packing up stuff in the apartment, buying more boxes today, etc.

Friday night I went to the Harvest Moon Drive-in in Gibson City, IL with a gaggle of fellow students and friends.  The drive-in was celebrating their 52nd anniversary and had fireworks.  I didn’t get to bed until after 2:30 AM.

Last night, I went out with basically the same group for sandwiches and beers.  Then we went to Sonya & Jason’s apartment for gaming.  I actually played Guitar Hero (on easy), but luckily most of them weren’t paying attention at the time.  🙂

Eventually the ladies played karaoke and the boys played a zombie dog game.  I forget the name but it was an expansion pack for another zombie game.  Somehow I failed to take any pictures of the game, although I did get some karaoke shots.  I didn’t get to bed until after 3 AM this morning.

Oh well, it is summer and I am a student.

Last weekend I went to Normal and spent some time with the ex and her boyfriend (and paid the storage bill there.  Yes, I do have 2 rented storage areas.).  I borrowed 10 movies from them and have watched 8 so far.

Foxfire; Pitch Black; The Chronicles of Riddick; Dark Fury; The Italian Job (original with Michael Caine); The Bone Snatcher; Mercury Rising; and Unbreakable.  The two I have yet to watch are Donnie Darko, and Around the Fire.

This week the 1st of 2 new LEEP cohorts arrive on campus for their Bootcamp.  Next week the 2nd arrives.  So I’ll be working a bit more than just Wednesday evenings for a couple weeks assisting with workshops on LEEP classes, general technology, and web page creation and management and getting to know a lot of great new students.

At some point this summer, I’ll be accompanying my friend and usual ISF mate, Jenna (and another friend of hers this year), to the three plays of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival.  This year’s plays are the so-called Roman plays, The Comedy of Errors, Pericles, and Julius Caesar.

I think that’s it.  And now a word from our sponsor, Personality Pickle.