Need suggestions for a domain name

Hi all!  Ready to win cool prizes and be forever esteemed? 

I need help with finding a domain name.  One of my local friends (far more talented than me in these matters) has volunteered to help me move this humble blog to WordPress.  Not exactly a small undertaking, let me tell you, based on my research.  I have two hosts in mind, LISHost and DreamHost.  Anyone wanting to comment on either of these hosts should feel free.  I already take Walt Crawford’s recommendation very seriously [he’s made it more than once].  One possible reason to consider DreamHost is that my friend uses it and thus has experience with it.

Either way, I need a domain name.  I have already checked bookmark, brokenthoughts, metadater (only as a joke, which most won’t get), and marklindner in both .net and .com.  Of those, only is available. is currently parked.  thoughtsarebroken is available in both .net and .com.  But do I really want that for perpetuity, or at least for a long time?  I’m not convinced that I do.

So what is it going to be?  I love witty word play.  I really do, but I’m not sure that’s what I want for my primary domain name.  I could always set-up subdomains if needed and then be as witty as I want.

So please, send any suggestions along in the comments or via email.  I’m not ruling out wit; but I’d prefer something more "normal" for the primary domain name.  I had so much trouble with an IM name….

Ooh. Ooh.  Speaking of IM names, markthoughts is available in both .com and .net.  Hmmm?  I don’t know.  Any other suggestions?  That may be my best bet.  Let me know what you think about any of these that are available or others.  Would you intentionally visit any of these domains explicitly, even if you didn’t know in advance that it was me?

All thoughts on domain names or hosts will be greatly appreciated.  Not sure what I’ll give as a prize for the best suggestion/most help, and it is a little late for the whole first-born thing, but feel free to contribute.  Often even.

Update 16 Jul 06:

Thanks CW, Richard, Michael and Walt for the suggestions [see comments].  I had briefly thought about .info but hadn’t looked into it at all.  Now I have, and is available.  I, too, like Richard’s suggestion of Off the Mark, but more along the lines of Walt’s thinking.

Thanks for the info on DreamHost Michael.  They are still on the table, but I’m leaning towards LISHost.  I really cannot overempasize the value of Walt’s recommendation, nor that of the many others who use it whom I respect.  I have sent a message to Blake asking a couple questions.  Assuming I get the answers I need I will proceed quickly I believe.

In the meantime, feel free to toss out more suggestions.  I can always use something for a subdomain, a blog title, or a website, or something else entirely once I have my own domain.

Thanks all!

5 thoughts on “Need suggestions for a domain name

  1. Having just recently looked for a domain name for our group blog (, have you also investigated the .info options? Assuming it’s available, you could have – “Mark Lindner Info”, which is kinda cool (or should that be hot?).

  2. How about “Off the Mark”

    I recently followed jb to Laughing Squid ( and have been happy with the service so far. The only disappointment is that they don’t allow shell access, so you have to do everything through their Plesk interface. It works reasonably well, but I move a little quicker off the command line.

    Musematic is on LISHost and Blake is a very attentive provider.

    Shout if you need any WordPress advice.

  3. DreamHost are really great. They have WordPress as a one-click install which should have your blog up and running in a matter of minutes (of course a bit more to import your old blog).

    They also have tons of features you don’t find at other hosts: Unlimited domains, unlimited subdomains, shell access, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, WebDAV, etc.

    You can save $50 with a promo code from See for info.

  4. CW beat me to it: .info is a reasonable alternative. You might note the new address for Cites & Insights, or ( is held by a domain speculator)

    I like Richard’s suggestion of “Off the Mark” as an actual blog name, possibly at Nicely quirky.

  5. I lean toward your name. I would have used mine, but no one knows how to spell it. markthoughts is good.

    It’s not so hard to do. I do like laughing squid a lot since 1. they are indie, 2. they have AMAZING FAQs and interfaces if you aren’t as cool as Richard, and 3. they give you good discounts for linking to them on your site, which I do. And I think I get some discount if you say I sent you, but I don’t buy that that’s true, since I haven’t seen a red cent from Richard’s conversion. 🙂

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