3 thoughts on “LC Working Group – Structures and Standards, part 3 – Diane Hillmann

  1. Mark, Cataloging Distribution Service still sells the
    Proceedings from the Bicentennial Conference on Bibliographic Control for the New Millennium
    $45 North America, ISBN 0-8444-1046-2
    This page was last updated last week, so I assume it’s current:

  2. Hi Jodi! Yes, I know they are available via the web, but remember that I’m old and have an attraction to dead trees.

    Seriously, I read lots of things electronically, but this is a 536-page publication. Web availability is not useful to me since I want the whole thing for historical perspective, not just one or 2 articles. Also, seeing as they are web pages it would most likely be much greater than 536 pages to print it from the web … and all that clicking!

    I am greatly pleased that it is freely available via the web, though.

    I will try to order it once again. But I tried about 6 months ago and was told they no longer had any available.

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