4th blog anniversary

Back on 29 January 2005 …the thoughts are broken… debuted. That link now goes to the 1st post of this blog since I migrated to WordPress in July 2006.

Wow! Four years already. I haven’t been doing much here since about the middle of last year and I’d like to get back to it. But. I have more important things (to me) going on in my life nowadays.

#1 is the love of my life. She found me in an alley and my life will never be the same. Thankfully.

Other things keeping me quiet: my job, complexity of the issues in my area, issues of communication, lots of reading, reading & writing poetry, trying to learn more broadly from others, and other things.

I am still participating in the larger conversation, though, just not so much here. I am reading and commenting on blogs and am fairly active in FriendFeed.

Another thing keeping me rather quiet and introspective is the major birthday I have coming up in a few weeks. But that is only (somewhat) responsible for the current quietude.

According to Walt, my blog had 47% less posts in 2008 vs. 2007, and -12% words per post. If those time slices had been a quarter or two later in the year then the decrease would be far more dramatics. Oh well. The issues have been touched on a couple times in the few posts I’ve made since August or so.

No idea what the future holds for this blog, or for me. But for the 1st time in a long time I have serious hopes for, and am actually actively looking forward to, the latter. And that is the biggest thing keeping me quiet here. And I am perfectly OK with that.

I would like to say “Thank you!” to those still around and reading and to those all over the past 4 years who have read, commented, encouraged and challenged me. Thank you!

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