Fools In Love

From the Crown Prince of late 70s – early 80s pop, Joe Jackson:

fools in love

well are there any other kind of lovers?

fools in love

is there any other kind of pain?

fools in love

are there any creatures more pathetic?

fools in love

they think they’re heros

cause they get to feel no pain

i say fools in love are zeros

i should know

i should know because this fool’s in love again

Joe Jackson, “Fools In Love” Look Sharp!

And, no I’m not, but the song is just mean without the touch of bittersweet irony.

With all my love & respect…

Happy Valentine’s Day mrl-005 — Feb 9, 2000

In 2000 I made my first Valentine’s Day CD which I gave to six of my female friends. I also made Valentine’s Day CDs in 2001-2003, with 2001s being a double CD. They went to anywhere from 10 to 16 women, always increasing. I have not made any since 2003. Reasons aren’t appropriate here/now. This is not to say that I haven’t had any female friends deserving of the effort; that is ridiculous. Heck, I wouldn’t know where to begin and postage would add up quickly; the vast majority of the others were hand delivered.

I also made special little bags of Valentine’s treats for the recipients, and gave bags of treats—pencils, erasers, stickers, candy hearts, chocolate, silly cards, etc.—to many others, and made sure I had at least a couple pieces of chocolate and a sticker or two for every female student worker that I worked with [inexpensive little novelties from the party store]. Not everyone has someone to make then feel special on Valentine’s Day. I know. Even the avowed Valentine’s Day haters would light up when someone old enough to be their father took a moment to let them know that they are special. [I amaze even myself some times in my life; rare, though, that I do—generally I’m fairly curmudgeonly about something like Valentine’s Day.]

With that in mind, here is the contents of my first Valentine’s Day CD : With all my love & respect…

The inside (back) of the cover of the original liner notes:

I don’t know if I can get away with this, especially after saying that these are some of my favorite ‘Love Songs’, but, I am not a Romantic. Anyway, these are some of my favorite love songs, or songs about love in a few cases. I tried to keep it to love songs though, in honor of Valentine’s Day. I’ve always been told that I have a twisted idea of love songs. So what! But, I recently realized that I was making a mistake, I was including songs about love in the love song category. They are a distinctly different kind of song, although I love many (more?) of them, too! There’s been a couple already on my other CDs but they’re not so good for Valentine’s Day.

Women have always been my closest & dearest friends. I’m able to say things to them that guys just don’t get, or don’t even want said around them. Making this CD has been a bit painful for me, but I felt that I owed it to the women around me that I love. I want to tell you that you are a very special & beautiful woman to me! All I want is the best for you! And if I can be your friend along the way, so much the better for me!

Wishing all the Best on Valentine’s Day 2000. With all my love & respect,

[originals signed]

Please do not take any lyric too literally.

Set list:

1 Wond’ring Aloud – Jethro Tull
2 Anyday – Derek And the Dominos
3 Fire Of The Newly Alive – Rosanne Cash
4 Comes Love – Billie Holiday
5 Need Your Love So Bad – Fleetwood Mac
6 Holy Water – Bad Co.
7 I Want To Be Loved By You – Sinéad O’Connor
8 Dark Star – Crosby, Stills & Nash
9 What A Difference A Day Makes – Dinah Washington
10 For Rosanna – Chris DeBurgh
11 As Time Goes By – Jimmy Durante
12 Trip Through Your Wires – U2
13 Soul On Fire – LaVern Baker
14 I Will Never Be The Same – Melissa Etheridge
15 Your Warm And Tender Love – Chris Rea
16 Into The Mystic – Van Morrison
17 Rock Steady – Bad Co.
18 Love Song – Syd Barrett
19 My Funny Valentine – Dinah Shore
20 At Last – Etta James

Liner notes:

Wond’ring Aloud – Jethro Tull (Aqualung, Chrysalis VK 41044, © 1973)
‘We are our own saviours, as we start, both our hearts beating life, into each other… … its’s only the giving that makes you what you are.’
“This is my gift to you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Anyday – Derek And The Dominos (Layla and other assorted love songs, MFSL UDCD 585, © 1970) Eric Clapton, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Gordon, Carl Radle and Duane Allman.
“You have no idea how good it does my soul to see you smiling!”

Fire Of The Newly Alive – Rosanne Cash (The Wheel, Columbia CK 52729, © 1993)

Comes Love – Billie Holiday (Body and Soul, MFSL UDCD 658, © 1956, 1957)
“Lady Day from the original mono master with an immense amount of care & love going into the remixing & pressing.”

Need Your Love So Bad – Fleetwood Mac (The Pious Bird Of Good Omen, Columbia 480524 2, © 1969)
“You can’t have love without having the blues occasionally.”
[page 1]

Holy Water – Bad Co. (Holy Water, ATCO A2 91371, © 1990)

I Want To Be Loved By You – Sinéad O’Connor (am i not your girl?, Chrysalis ensign D 100139, © 1992)

Dark Star – Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN, Atlantic SD 19104-2, © 1977)

What A Difference A Day Makes – Dinah Washington (Corrina, Corrina, RCA 66443-2, © 1994
“What a voice!”

For Rosanna – Chris DeBurgh (Into The Light, A&M CD 5121, © 1986)
“I offer this song to all of you daughters on behalf of your fathers. I know I feel this way about my daughter! I hope yours does too! Sara, I miss you so much.”
[page 2]

As Time Goes By – Jimmy Durante (Sleepless In Seattle, epic soundtrax EK 53764, © 1993)
“I prefer women singers, but you’ve got to love Jimmy!”

Trip Through Your Wires – U2 (The Joshua Tree, MFSL UDCD 650, © 1987)

Soul On Fire – LaVern Baker (Soul On Fire, Atlantic 7 82311-2, © 1991)
“I love this voice. I got turned onto her (& lots of other great artists) via The Atlantic Rhythm and Blues series.”

I will Never Be The Same – Melissa Etheridge (Yes I Am, Island 422-848 660-2, © 1993)
Be very careful with the lyrics of this song. I didn’t lose anybody because she was never mine but yet… “Thank you! I never knew it could feel so amazing just being around someone. I hope I can make someone feel that way someday. I barely saved myself. Thank you for being so tolerant.”

Your Warm And Tender Love – Chris Rea (The Road To Hell, Geffen 9 24276-2, © 1989)
“Another guy being saved by love? Some of us do like the idea too.”
[page 3]

Into The Mystic – Van Morrison (Moondance, Warner Bros. 3103-2, 1970)
“This is a romantic album. I love the imagery of it & I want to feel like this someday.”

Rock Steady – Bad Co. (Bad Co., Swan Song SS 8501-2, © 1974)
“I had to include this if only for ‘listen to, baby, let the music flow…’”

Love Song – Syd Barrett (Barrett, Capitol CDP 7 46606 2, 1970)
“What a pretentious title for such an unpretentious little song. Same Syd as Effervescing Elephant.”

My Funny Valentine – Dinah Shore (Sweet and Lovely: Capitol’s Great Ladies of Song, Capitol D 170305, © 1992) Rodgers – Hart, Piano accompaniment by Andre Previn, Recorded 1961
“I had to include this little gem.”

At Last – Etta James (Northern Exposure, MCAD-10685, © 1992)
“I loved this crazy TV show. They always chose great & sometimes very eclectic music.”
[page 4]

I wish I could actually provide the actual music … but that’s not to be. Oh well, enjoy. And Happy Valentine’s Day!

[For the curmudgeonly out there, just hold on a moment….]

It really can’t have been that simple…

My speakers don’t sound right. That is, they sound much better than they have for months now, but they still don’t sound right.

Sometime after moving across town one of my main channel speakers (you know, the stereo pair) developed a crazy hum, crackle, horrible … shitty sound. I called Polk before Christmas and found out that despite being 13 or so years old they would be happy to send me a replacement driver for a reasonable price.

My problem was being sure I ordered the right one, although we were both guessing it was a midrange. I sat on the problem as I’m wont to do. Today I pulled the possibly offending driver to see if anything looked amiss. Seeing as it was so simple I pulled the other and swapped them.

I am now trying to see (or hear, I guess) what’s up. So far, nothing. They don’t quite sound right, but they don’t sound like shit either. Part of the problem is that I haven’t heard them sounding good for months now. The other may be psychosomatic and that’s because I pulled the drivers. It really shouldn’t matter, but it does.

Now the question is, how long this will last? xfingersx and xtoesx.

Birthday Month may be on my side now officially. I damn sure hope so. Let the music reign. 🙂

Touch the Sound: a review

I just finished watching a movie that I have been looking for for over a year now. Touch the Sound is a documentary about Evelyn Glennie, a deaf percussionist. It is also so much more.

The cinematography is very good overall, and at times extraordinary. The audio is simply amazing! And I say that having one main speaker that has a trashed midrange driver. Luckily, the soundtrack choices included Dolby 5.1 and DTS. I always choose DTS if given the option. Once I get my speaker fixed I may have to listen (and watch) this film again.

Ms. Glennie lost her most of her hearing by the age of 11. She switched from piano to percussion so that she could better feel the music. Ms. Glennie’s views on sound, along with the amazing audio work and cinematography, will force one to reconsider the way they think of “the hearing,” much less hearing, in general.

It is also very international as it is filmed in Germany, Japan, Scotland, New York, and California.

Highly recommended! If you are in CU, it can be found at That’s Rentertainment in the New section (for now); not in documentaries.

Another view of “the naming of things”

Skilled use of logic, disputation, and the developed ability to name things correctly are some of the instruments philosophy gives us to achieve abiding clear-sightedness and inner tranquility, which is true happiness.

Epictetus. The art of living: the classic manual on virtue, happiness, and effectiveness, a new interpretation by Sharon Lebell. HarperSanFrancisco, 1995, p. 84.

Contra Andrew Bird and Mark. Well, maybe it is more explanatory than contrary to me. Hmmm…. Philosophy, properly applied, is a wonderful thing.

Ode to a beautiful day

I woke up feeling sort of unanchored and not quite sure how I felt. The morning (and day) was beautiful! 40 degrees and sunny.

I left work early as I needed access to some tools that we seem to have temporarily lost access to again. I could have started something new, but I did not want to contribute any more to my “problem pile.” I may just have to move on tomorrow, but that’s tomorrow.

This is the 8th year in a row that I have finished a university semester as a student (among other roles) just 2 weeks before Christmas. Some years the transition is better than others. I’m not Scrooge-ish this year, but I had made no progress towards anything related to a week from now. I had cards, but no stamps. Not a thought towards presents for anyone. Other than that I’d rather skip the gift exchanging this year. But that doesn’t work for all. And I had the discussion with few anyway.

So I went to the Post Office and got stamps, came home and found labels, updated the address book(s), printed labels and got about 1/2 of the cards in the mail today. I got several more ready for tomorrow, and more needing notes but otherwise ready.

Great customer service from Polk

I was productive in other ways, too. I called Polk Audio to find out if they have replacement parts for my 12-year old speaker. They do! Currently out of stock, but will have soon. The very helpful young man took the time to suggest ways to narrow it down to which part I need. We have the same suspicion.

I got through to a real, helpful, person very quickly. They still have parts for 12-year old speakers! I love Polk Audio. Some might even say I heart it; not me. If I can fix my own speaker I will be ecstatic. I have been trying to ignore the fact that one of my main channel speakers has been acting up. That couldn’t last. I would certainly replace my fronts with more Polks, but I’m in no mood to research what I want. And, besides, I never wanted to have to replace these speakers. I absolutely love my S10s.

I really wish they were fixed right now, but the world is looking up.

Adventures in Cooking

I made myself a pork roast today with a little IM advice from my friend, Iris. I hope she got to count it as a reference stat; a tick mark somewhere in time. 😉

I ended up basting it with Guinness and butter. My, my, was it ever tasty. I need to do this more often. We’ll have to see how the leftovers turn out.


Just recently, partly due to mental jogging via Dorothea here, I put several of my blog buddies that are non-local in my Friends folder instead of in Librariana (biggest) or elsewhere.

While I agree with Dorothea’s sentiments as espoused in her post, some of us are not as far along as others in this way of experiencing life. It can still be a bit odd sometimes. I also think part of the problem, for me anyway, with the idea of virtual friends vs. friends is the ridiculously simple-minded concept of “friendship” in much social software. That, for me, tends to color any idea of online friendship, whatever that may be.

But. She made me realize that as difficult as it might be to distinguish between the two, and that there may be no reason to do so, and that I have friends that fall into this camp.

Thus, I moved some folks in Houston, NY, MN, WY into my Friends folder. Because it now seemed silly to have a folder for blogs by people I can see reasonably often.

Musical love

I have the best friends! This one—in particular—is amazing.

We are both in “being scarce” mode right now, but still communicating in various ways. She had given me a forewarning, and today I got a present in the mail. In reality, two presents: “on the mark” and “off the mark.”

For images she used two of her photos that I have marked as favorites [on] [off]. She did a good job aesthetically and metaphorically matching the images to the titles, too.

Much of this music is new to me, although some is familiar. I’ve listened to them both once now. I started with “off the mark.” So far, I was immediately attracted to tracks 6 and 8 on “off:” Black Steel” by Tricky, and “The Garden” by Cut Chemist. Both are completely new to me. [Shhh! I was dancing.]

Thank you Jennifer! I’ll let you know more as I listen more.

Random productivity

I also scanned, cropped (a tad), and uploaded more photos today. The ones I added today were all from album #1. The wedding photos go in the midst of these, chronologically speaking. Actually, I have rearranged the set of scanned photos so that they are probably in chronological order now.

It’s a Beautiful Day

That it was; especially since it started out negatively ambiguous. The day was lovely weather-wise; I was productive; I have hope for my speaker; I made very tasty meat and it was exceedingly, stupidly simple; and I have the most amazing friends.

Now I have to get jennimi’s CD in the mail; and apologize for not being able to make her an original mix right now. I haven’t even made myself one in years.

If you’d like a copy of resonance [here and approx. the next 18 posts], though, let me know.

Semester’s over (sort of)

Just finished my last class for Information Modeling with Allen Renear. I also managed to send in the last bit of work I owed him before class so I am really done with 590IML. Yay!

The ‘sort of’ comment is due to the paper I still owe Carole Palmer. I’m in a sort of slow research phase right now for it, but it’s not due until 14 Jan 2007.

To celebrate my semester being “over” I am going to see one of our local musicians, Kayla Brown, play a free gig at Aroma Cafe tonight.

I saw Kayla perform solo 2 summers ago, I think it was, and have been unable to catch up with her since. Actually, I ran into her bartending at The Blind Pig, but that’s not the same thing. She’s also playing solo tonight. [Update: Photo set]

Need to return some movies first, so off I go.

words. redux.

I’m afraid that I may be diving too deeply into word issues, and with bad tools to hand. This early warning was only the tip of the iceberg of my word issues lately.

find the line, find the shape
through the grain
find the outline,
things will tell you their name

Suzanne Vega. Night Vision. solitude standing.

thank(ful) you

I’m in the process of writing an important thank you note. [Damn, I guess that’s definitionally true; especially if you’re getting one from me!] Anyway, I want it to be some version of “correct,” while immensely heartfelt. How do you tell someone that you hope they know that they are idolized by “generations” of students? That they are an inspirational professional role model?

I truly do have some things people to be thankful for lately. It’s been noticed that I’ve sounded “discouraged” lately in my blog posts. I think that is (was?) an accurate assessment. I have had friends making loving comments here, emailing me, IMing me, offering me gifts of music, checking in with me …. I feel cared for; I truly do. These times of year are always difficult for me. But I’m getting a plan together which may lead to inspiration (and a bit of knowledge along the way). Movement, forward movement, seems possible.

crossword puzzles

As I’ve said before, I wake up and go to bed doing crossword puzzles. I sometimes do them at other times of the day. Been doing it for years. Mostly New York Times Sunday or Saturday puzzles. I have some fairly strong “remembrance” for past puzzles. I often fairly quickly recognize one I have done before. I don’t mind so much re-doing them–there are only so many–but I do not like knowing words because I can “see them” locationally instead of (very loosely) definitionally. That. Bugs me.

Seems my newest NYT Omnibus has a massive amount of recognizable ones lately. They can only be repackaged so much without running into them again. It’s just been a bad streak.

what things “are” vs. what they are “about”

I’ve been facing word (and concept) issues in serials cataloging lately. There are a few examples that my brain, bless it’s heart, is not allowing me to think of at the moment. They are enough mental work at work. One of the bigger issues the last few days has been the distinction between what something “is” and what it is “about,” or more accurately what it “is” if it isn’t “about” anything?

I am trying to catalog a commercial catalog selling video recordings of select, small genres of movies to individuals. Trying to come from LCSH into DDC for a class number is causing me fits. I do not like the current tools. And trying to piece it out leads to a seriously deep rabbit hole of words. A deep hole with no help at the bottom.

Another issue was the One Family newsletter. UN NGO for planetary citizenship. This one took too much time. Can I please have meaningful tools? That are user-friendly?

I won’t use words again
They don’t mean what I said
They don’t say what I said
They’re just the crust of the meaning
with realms underneath
Never touched
Never stirred
Never even moved through

Suzanne Vega. Language. solitude standing.

Thesaurus visualization issues

There’s this thesaurus … and at the moment, I have almost no entry into the data or its structure (terms, relations, …). There is a nice visual output of the thesaurus for the user, but this is a very flat view and if something isn’t related already then there’s no way to “see” that. I see it as a wonderful tool at the user level, but it isn’t giving me much to work with. The other reports and views are even less useful. Overall they don’t add up to much more.

As much as I dislike MultiTes at least its reports could, in combination, give you some idea of the structure, quality, breadth, depth, etc. of your thesaurus. I feel like the little Dutch kid with his reputed finger in the dike. I believe that there are systemic and structural issues, but I can only see the word in front of me.

Word escapism

So I decided to watch other people with word issues. I returned 2 movies tonight and got (ahem) a few more, including Word Wars (Scrabble) and Spellbound (1999 National Spelling Bee).

Word Wars is a pretty good documentary, but knowing words just as objects and combinations of specific numbers of letters on lists is a seriously bad “word issue” to have. I’ve enjoyed some Scrabble in my day, but that is a wrong reason (and way) to know words. As Joel Sherman says, this should be the theme song of Scrabble:

Words are flowing out like
endless rain into a paper cup
They slither while they pass
They slip away across the universe

Thoughts meander like a
restless wind inside a letter box
they tumble blindly as
they make their way across the universe

Beatles. Across The Universe. Let It Be.