I would shut my eyes…

I would shut my eyes but I’ve got promises to keep
I can’t go crazy and I can’t get sane
And I don’t want to leave—I’d just have to come back again
I’ve got nowhere to go but to sleep….

Jolie Holland. “Nothing to do but Dream.” Springtime Can Kill You

The pain is pretty much under control between the Vicodin and large doses of ibuprofen. But the tiredness. And lack of concentration, and subsequent lack of progress and productivity. Not good.

I had come up with a fall back plan for getting my academic act together. Doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to pull that off either. I really am not happy with what I need to do to reach the fall back, and now I don’t even seem capable of doing the small things I need to do to be ready for tomorrow’s class. I guess I’ll see how I sleep tonight and try and do something before my class which is at noon.

I also spoke way too early about the ants. Not as many yet, but I found a few this morning and another upon coming home this evening. I need to get something else specifically for them, but have had neither time nor money. I now have a little money, but no time to go to the store. Of course, I’m out of many food necessities, too.

I attended a presentation by Endeca today. I took a few notes, but I have no idea what I’m free to report. Nor am I in the mood anyway.

I guess I best get busy and finish my ASIST 2006 posts as I see I made This Week in LibraryBlogLand for my conference coverage, as did Washtub and Christina.

I also see I made it in for my Words. post. I sure hope I get to feeling better in case it generates any conversation.

Well, that’s enough griping, although the last two paragraphs aren’t gripes at all; they seem to be the highlight of my week so far. I should add all the love and concern I’m getting from my friends via various means. And my daughter sent me a friends request in facebook. Those are both pretty highlighty.

Night all. Please cross your fingers, pray, whatever turns you on. I really need to sleep to at least 5 AM or so.

Updates coming…

I am trying to be busier and productive now that I’m a little rested from last week. I am trying to prioritize, and trying not to feel guilty about “owing” various folks here something or other.

I’ve been busy and want to mention some of these things here in more detail:

The Wailin’ Jennys on Wed.

Siva on Thursday

Friday the 13th (I love them!)


Ani DiFranco


Two days of “rest”

Refocused busy time, again

I’ve already started on Ani post. I have some notes from Siva’s talk for a post. I have photos on flickr; not of Siva or Ani though….

But I also have other things to do and other priorities. I end one class on Tuesday afternoon. And as much as I love it and would like to continue it in other directions, I need a freakin’ break and I need to start attending my other class.

For Pauline’s last class, I need to finish my Common Ex. C write-up and turn it in. I also need to prep for leading discussion on the Calhoun Report. That is the easy one of the two, even if the common exercise is technically further along. It has been a few weeks since I looked at the exercise. As for Calhoun, I have written and spoke about this at least 3 times each now and have read lots of commentary covering the spectrum on it. My views have, in fact, moderated much since I first read and wrote about it. I still think that despite the good that is in it, it is an abomination and went a long way to effectively shutting down productive discussion on its and related topics of concern in the cataloging and classification worlds of libraries. [Steve, our discussion from summer LEEP oncampus would be vastly different now. I see some good now, a lot even. But….]

The Wailin’ Jennys were excellent. I got no good photos though. I did get all 3 to sign the liner notes of my 40 days cd.

Siva was good, but I was exhausted [there will be more on Siva]. Besides the exhaustion building up to Thursday, I also woke up at 4 AM Thurs. morning. Yippee! I followed Siva with 2 classes. I gave my “Free the Authorities!” presentation in the last of the two. It started out quite well despite the situation. I did start flagging after a bit, particularly after a few questions and discussions. But I held up reasonably OK. I was proud of it (my performance?) at the beginning….

After class Pauline said something very positive to me. Daunting in a way, but very nice. On Tuesday she had asked me if I was applying for a possible job, because she said if I wasn’t then she was going to twist my arm until I did (paraphrased). I sure wish I could believe in myself like she does.

I’m not sure how driving to Chicago and back in a day and a half is “rest.” But I had a good time and it was as relaxing as it could be. So I am somewhat refreshed.

3rd load of clothes is in the dryer. I may have to go in to GSLIS to look at my thesaurus for Common Ex C. I found all my stuff, but printouts do not a thesaurus make.

OK. Off to do other things. I’ll be working on more details as I can.

Oh, BTW. I’m going to a meeting about that job tomorrow. More in the future, but it is one I hope to do beginning next semester, while hopefully staying in serials cataloging also. So, I’m also studying a 32-page LSTA grant application and finding myself wishing I had the figures and the attachments. I’m asking for a complete copy tomorrow at our meeting.

Where do you go little bird
When it snows, when it snows
When the world turns to sleep
Do you know, do you know
Is there something in the wind
Breathes a chill in your heart and life in your wings
Does it whisper ‘start again’
Start again

The Wailin’ Jennys. “Arlington.” 40 Days.



Originally uploaded by broken thoughts.

I had a really good trip to the Ani concert in Chicago. The show was excellent and I’ll have more to say, but I wanted to get this sad metaphor posted. It so excellently fits one of Ani’s newest songs that she played.

cuz daddy knows best
yes, this is the news
in 90-second segments
officially produced
and aired again and again and again
by the little black and white pawns
of the network yes men
while the stars are going out
and the stripes are getting bent

while the stars are going out
and the stripes are getting bent

Ani DiFranco. “decree.” reprieve

Musings on desire

Rain falls hard
Burns dry
A dream
Or a song
That hits you so hard
Filling you up
And suddenly gone

Breathe feel love
Give free
Know in your soul
Like your blood knows the way
From your heart to your brain
Knows that you’re whole

And you’re shining
Like the brightest star
A transmission
On the midnight radio
And you’re spinning
Like a 45
Dancing to your rock and roll

Hedwig and the Angry Inch. “Midnight Radio.”

Desire, much like testosterone, is a multi-edged sword. A little of both is required just to get out of bed in the morning. And, yes, you (all genders) need testosterone to desire anything, in any way.

Physical desire, though, is the product of the devil, bless his heart. That would be the devil in any sense that you like, not necessarily religious. My devil’s aren’t the slightest bit Christian, except in imagery.

Why do we have so little control over our physical desire? Why do we desire things we know we can’t have? Why do we desire things physically that we want in no other way? Why can we not explain our desire? Why can’t we shut this part of our selves off? Permanently? Maybe not. Why not in a Sleeping Beauty sort of sense?

Or is it just more complicated because it is what I desire?

Any Ani fans read my blog?

Ya snooze, ya lose!  Offer is hereby rescinced, as I has a taker. 

Alright, it ought to ask, “Are there any Ani fans near me or in the Chicago are who read this?” Or, if you are not a current fan but have been wanting to check Ani out…. All of that would make a bad title, though.

I have an “extra” ticket to the Ani show at the Chicago Theatre on Friday, Oct. 13th. Would you like to go? Ticket price is highly negotiable as it was a gft.

If you are in my area and will drive (with me contributing to gas/parking) or if you are in the Chicago area and can put me up after the show so I don’t have to drive home so late at night then we probably have a deal.

Sorry to the random Ani fan who stumbles over my site, but I expect a “regular” reader of my blog to respond to this. There may be a quiz.

I also have no idea how I will decide if there is more than one “qualifying” respondent. I have tried to “give away” tickets to past shows, too and failed completely. But, I’ve also never tried on a blog before. So who knows?

Serious offers only. One entry per person. And remember, there may be a quiz.

New Ani DiFranco CD arrived today

I received my pre-ordered Ani CD, reprieve, in the mail today. Yay! It’s not due in stores until August 8th.

I’ve been “listening” to it over and over while writing the previous post. That said, it’s been mostly serving as background music for now so I’ll refrain from saying much about it.

As a preliminary response, though, I will say that it seems a bit like revelling/reckoning, both musically and attitudinally. This is not to imply that there is no growth here, or that the themes are the same. Certainly not what I’m saying!

Of course, there is plenty here that addresses the issues of gender discussed in the previous post, including the title track.

feminism ain’t about equality
it’s about reprieve.

Heck, in the kind of timeliness that only Ani can address in my life, she even has a response to Michael:

such an intent stare
one eye at a time
your talons like fish hooks
you are a rare bird
the kind I wouldn’t even mind
writing in the margin of my books

“in the margins”

Now that would be a rare bird, indeed!

I am definitely looking forward to spending time getting to know, and really listening to, this new offering from Ani.

Finally bought something from iTunes

I have mentioned once or twice, here and there [FRL], that I got a $10 gift certificate to iTunes back in December that I just never seemed to get around to using.

This morning, I finally did. I had a couple artists recorded in my little personal, local wiki [VoodooPad by Flying Meat (for Macs). Hey, I’m glad I pointed this out as I just got a free upgrade since I registered my copy after 5 May. There is a free version called VoodooPad Lite which I started wth. Try it, you may find it useful. I certainly did.].

Then I remembered Kurt playing something for me when we were discussing my move to WordPress. I did a bit of browsing by genre but quickly got bored with the iTunes interface, so I called on my musical “buddies.”

First, I turned to Anna, eclectic librarian, because she often recommends things that sound intriguing that I probably wouldn’t stumble over on my own. When Kurt opportunely came online, I IMed him and asked for some more recommendations. Within no time I had my 10 songs picked out and had them downloaded.

I haven’t listened to them yet, other than the preview snippets (and a video or two that Kurt pointed me to), but here they are (song title, artist, album title [recommender]):

  • Ai Du, Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder, Talking Timbuktu [me, see below]
  • I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song), Los Lobos, Just Another Band from East L.A. [Kurt, from a previous discussion re Louis Prima and Disney’s The Jungle Book]
  • Country Mile, Camera Obscura, Let’s Get Out of This Country [me and WEFT 90.1]
  • No Place Like Home, Jodi Jett, Revelations [Anna]
  • Quick, Painless and Easy, Ivy, Apartment Life [Kurt]
  • Conceived, Beth Orton, Comfort of Strangers [Kurt]
  • Some Other Place, Whisperado, Some Other Place [Anna]
  • Heart In Me, Cordero, En Este Momento [Anna]
  • Way You Walk, Papas Fritas, Buildings and Grounds [Kurt]
  • Cross Bones Style, Cat Power, Moon Pix [Kurt]

“Ai Du” is in the movie l’auberge espagnole (The Spanish Apartment). I have also definitely heard Beth Orton, Ali Farka Touré, Camera Obscura, and Cat Power on WEFT. Unfortunately, I am often using the radio as background music so I don’t really hear it. But, at least, I can file away an artist or song title in the back of my mind as something to check out someday.

I want to definitely say thanks to Anna and Kurt for helping pick out some stuff to get exposed to! And a definite thanks to Cheryl for the gift certificate in the first place!

I swear that taking 7 months to use it has absolutely no bearing on my appreciation of the gift! It just hasn’t been how I have operated musically. Yet. But thank you, thank you!

I am looking forward to checking all of these out and hopefully discovering new artists to love in the process.

Recent stuff

The vast interweb has not been my friend lately.  It has failed me 3 times in the last few days.  Maybe that means the end of failure for a while.  I can only hope….


The other morning I completed an online reservation for a Budget truck for my impending move.  Shortly after I completed it, I realized that I had made it for a day earlier than I needed.  I waited a couple of hours to make sure it propagated through whatever back end system it needed to.  To change my reservation I had the option of calling either the local dealer or the national 866 number.  I chose the 866 number and tidily got my reservation shifted one day for the correct days.

The next day I got a call from the local dealer saying that there was "absolutely no way" he was honoring that reservation.  He started giving me a lecture about what a busy time it is locally, how the computer should not have let me make that reservation, blah blah.   No crap, dick!  I’m not one of those egghead academics that doesn’t know what goes on around him.  I’m moving because my lease is up just like 1000s of others.  And, Christ dude, I’ve lived in major college towns for 8 years now!  I think I know when the busy time for moving is.  Especially since almost everyone of my friends and/or coworkers are also moving around this time.

Anyway, no use arguing over it as he has the truck I need.  We worked it out, but I ended up with the same equipment for half the time at a bit over the original price.  So internet convenience is not always what it’s cracked up to be.


While our TypePad blogs were up and available all day Wednesday, our host was completely hosed!  No posting, not even their main page was available.  At least I didn’t have Liz Lawley’s problem

I have my doubts about the availability of commenting or trackbacks also.  And while it isn’t really a big deal, stats were clearly hosed.  In fact, as of an hour or two ago they still seem to be hosed.  My numbers haven’t changed at all since I 1st got back in and just a bit ago.  Hell, I viewed my blog at least 5 times since TypePad was back on line and no change at all.  [Stats seem to be back as of about 10 PM last night and I see they are claiming that comments and trackbacks have been fixed, but I still have my doubts about them working during the outage; not that I think it affected me.]

I am going to have to figure out how to move this puppy soon.  Does anyone know how easy or not it is to move from TypePad to WordPress?  My friend Richard recently moved a blog from Blogger to WordPress and found it quite easy.  Anyone with experience moving a TypePad blog to WordPress please contact me!  [I did a bit of research last night and it isn’t looking easy at all.  Doable probably, but not for me by myself at this point.  I have no doubt I could learn all of the stuff needed to get it done, but not quickly.  And from all the info I saw, no one has migrated a blog as big as mine successfully.  Crap!]

Ani tickets

Yesterday morning I found out Ani DiFranco is playing the Chicago Theatre on 13 Oct.  I tried to get tickets but ran into various issues even knowing how to use Ticketmaster.  Don’t even get me started on the freaking thievery that is Ticketmaster!  I tried a few times and finally just gave it up.  I was successful at one point later in the day but said "Screw it!" when 2 tickets ($70) came to over $95 after Ticketmaster, taxes and whatever other thievery they applied.

But my son had already bought me tickets anyway.  I’m not sure how many and it seemed rude to ask.  But I will get to see Ani this year!  Yay me!  And thank you so much son!

Some may wonder why I care so much, but Ani’s music has literally been one of the very few things (3 or 4 maybe, including real flesh and blood friends) that has kept me alive the last several years of living with major depression.  That is not hyperbole or exaggeration; it is a simple truth. 

I have also cited her songs as references in most of my major academic writings prior to coming to library school (philosophy—ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science; sociology ex1, ex2, …; history, anthropology).  Hmmm?  Why not LIS writings?  Maybe because we rarely write anything of real substance.  What a shame!  [Put that on the to do list boy—find a way to work in an Ani reference in the fall.]

BCBC reference and lack of analysis

Wednesday night while broadcasting LIS578LE Technical Services, the Calhoun Report came up again.  Reference was made to the Bicentennial Conference on Bibliographic Control for the New Millenium (2000) (BCBC as I lovingly call it).  Steve mentioned how it had generated the Calhoun Report among other reports and how the proceedings had been published.  I immediately set off to get the reference to send the students.  I mean, I am currently reading said proceedings after reading so many of the reports to have come about due to it. 

Well, of course I had options.  But I also knew that it is linked on my blog in my Current/Recent Reads.  So, why search?  I knew where to find a working link to a reference.  Well, TypePad TypeLists only use Amazon data, which IMHO is a major failing.  Not much I can do about it though.  For what it’s worth, I always use Open WorldCat in the blog itself when I can [See.  Also see previous two links.].

Well, Steve and a few students immediately picked up how I had sent an Amazon link instead of a catalog link.  I have to admit that on a (very) shallow level it seems to support Karen Calhoun’s (and other’s) point.

But it does not support their point at all.  Well, it does maybe; but only if you use the same level of extremely shallow "analysis."  That is to say, that you use absolutely no analysis at all.  I must say in Steve’s defense that he realizes this; although I have no doubt he’d say it in a more "friendly" way.  He said, and I believe him, that he was not picking on me.  I also believe he understands the limitations of my blogging software.

The analytical part comes from realizing that I already have, and am well aware that I have, an easy link available to me for some bibliographic data to this work.  Why the heck should I go search it elsewhere when I have a known good link to some data for it?  Especially when there is a very short timeframe involved.  It is not because I think Amazon is better or has superior bibliographic data.  I do not!  It was just easy as it was already in place.  And if TypePad allowed me to link to Open WorldCat data in such an easy manner I most certainly would!  Even if that took more work initially.

This sort of extremely shallow analysis of user behavior (of which I am not accusing Steve) is what drives me most crazy with the Calhoun Report and others of her ilk.

Yes, I use Google.  But I also use my library catalog and other library catalogs, to include Open WorldCat; which I only hope becomes even more user-friendly and useful.


Wednesday night I watched Around the Fire.  It was a fairly decent movie about growing up.  Great soundtrack!  Any movie that opens with Dire Straits’ "Down to the Waterline" "Water of Love" has me hooked [16 Jul 06 Just realized I put the wrong song title in even though I wrote it down correctly.  <sigh>]

Crane Alley [picture]

Last night I went to Crane Alley for dinner and beers as a soon-to-be moving away present (and I had a coupon).  I had some absolutely heavenly pork tenderloins stuffed with mild feta and fresh spinach, with potato pancakes and asparagus.  I also found out my favorite waitress, Alea, is moving to Denver to attend pharmacy school about the same time I move.  I wrote a note to the manager about how much I appreciate Crane Alley, but especially about how much I appreciated Alea (and I decided to do this before I learned she was leaving).  Seemed like the proper thing to do.  Also gave her a very nice tip.

Sara MySpace invite

When I got home from the Alley I found a request from my daughter to be friends in MySpace.  Of course I approved it.  As I’ve said, I only joined MySpace when my son invited me in.  I knew my daughter had an account and took a peek once, but I did not go back after that as I figured she needed her own space and that it wasn’t "proper" for me to be hanging out without her explicit permission.  Now I seem to have it; and I couldn’t be happier that both of my children have given me explicit permission to be involved in this way in their lives.

That’s all for now.  Off soon to offer more help and handholding to our great new students as we teach them basic web page skills today, but more importantly (for some of them anyway) to show them that there are people here who believe in them and their ability to suceed in this adventure.  Man, do I have a great job!  Too bad it isn’t what I want for a career….

“Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.”

"Shine on you crazy diamond."

Pink Floyd.  "Shine On You Crazy Diamond."  Wish You Were Here.

Syd Barrett dies at 60.

Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett was a founding member and the guiding light of early Pink Floyd, although his influence has been felt ever since he left the band after their 1st album.

I have both of his solo albums, The Madcap Laughs and Barrett.  I have listened to both a couple times today after seeing the news of his death at 3 Quarks Daily.  Right now I am listening to Floyd’s Wish You Were Here.  The opening guitar work is so fucking incredible as it brings tears to my eyes.  And certainly not for the 1st time either.

"Come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr and shine."

Songs such as "Love You," "Here I Go," "Feel," and "Late Night" from The Madcap Laughs and "Baby Lemonade," "Love Song," "Gigolo Aunt," and "Effervescing Elephant," from Barrett, along with the rest, form a wonderful backdrop to my earlier years. 

I put "Love Song" on the 1st Valentine’s Day compilation I ever made in 2000 and said, "What a pretentious title for such and unpretentious little song."  Quite possibly one of the best love songs ever written.

And then there’s "Effervescing Elephant," which I told in Storytelling almost a year and a half ago.

Barrett has influenced so many musicians over the years, and still continues to do so today, despite his rather short musical career.

BBC Obituary

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.
Running over the same old ground.  What have we found?  The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

Pink Floyd.  "Wish You Were Here."  Wish You Were Here.

Shine on, wherever you’re headed Syd.