My last assignment for my MSLIS

Barely over an hour ago, at 3:05 PM CT today (8 May 2006) I turned in my final assignment towards my MSLIS. It is my annotated bilbiography of materials about the education of catalogers and metadata specialists. Hopefully, it will be a long-term project.

Barring any strange and unforeseen circumstances, Sunday 14 May 2006, I shall recieve my LIS degree. Yay me!

And yes, I’ll be back in class the very next day taking Thesaurus Construction with the one and only Pauline Atherton Cochrane. I am soooo excited! 🙂

But now I’m about to start broadcasting my final distance ed class of the semester. So, for now, goodbye.


Order of the Serpentine

  Order of the Serpentine 
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I’ll admit that this is is extemely sad and pathetic, downright sexist, patriarchal and just plain f’ed up all around; but, this is the funniest shit I’ve received in the mail in years!

I mean the fact that I got this is simply too ironic for words. 

Make sure you click through to my flickr stream to see all of the photos of this trifold beauty.  And if you really must, go to   They have a secret handshake and all.   Of course, if there’s a video on the website teaching you how to do it I’m having a hard time getting the ‘secret’ part.

Maybe some of you more in tune with pop culture are aware of this offensive shit, but it was certainly news to me.

Remember boys and men, these are the facts that you need to know:

  • It’s tough to say no to tube tops.
  • Tight sweaters are hypnotizing.
  • Women in vinyl pants are persuasive.
  • Dark nightclubs are disorienting.
  • Male hormones have a mind of their own.
  • The Order of the Serpentine can help.

You too are only a ‘Daily Scrubbing Ritual’ away from achieving ‘a shame-free state.’   Because we both know that you were ‘well-intentioned’ when you had that ‘questionable hook-up.’

God.  I think I’m about to puke!  Some days I’m glad to be old.