Doctorow on “professionalism” as LARPing

‘It’s not surprising that gamespace has become a workplace for hundreds of thousands of “gold farmers” who undertake dreary, repetitive labor to produce virtual wealth that’s sold to players with more money and less patience than them. The structural differences between in-game play and in-game work are mostly arbitrary, and “real” work is half a game, anyway. Most of the people you see going to work today are LARP-ing (live-action role playing) an incredibly boring RPG (role-playing game) called “professionalism” that requires them to alter their vocabulary, posture, eating habits, facial expressions—every detail all the way down to what they allow themselves to find funny.’

Doctorow and Wang, In Real Life. From Introduction by Doctorow, xi.

I am certainly drawn to this for its cut on “professionalism” but it runs deeper. It is also a critique of the many forms of “professionalism” which are simply “gold mining,” or are aiming towards it.