I am (slowly) researching a workable theory of language and communication for library and information science in the intersection of Birger Hjørland’s domain analysis and Roy Harris’ Integrationism.

About the blog:

This blog began on 29 January 2005 as …the thoughts are broken… hosted at typepad and then became Off the Mark 20 July 2006 on my own domain hosted at LISHost.

habitually probing generalist, the current appellation, began 19 July 2009 when I swapped the previous tagline into the title.

My blogging was once frequent, lengthy, and addressed many topics. Then for a good while I focused primarily on LIS—regarding issues of interest in my varied studies—and on what I was reading. Then it was pretty much radio silence for a good while. Eventually some poems started showing up and a few end-of-year type posts. There has been a lot of change in my life during my blogging years; thankfully, many have been great and the general trend has been from bad to great.

About me:

My name is Mark and I live in Sioux City, Iowa. I currently am a house spouse and independent library contractor. I do some cataloging, collection development, and consultation for Briar Cliff University’s Bishop Mueller Library. Previously I worked at the University of Illinois’ Main Library as a Visiting Serials Cataloger. Most of my work was retrospective cataloging, usually serials but not always. I worked at the Library from August 2006 to May 2010.

I moved to Urbana-Champaign to attend graduate school in Library and Information Science in the summer of 2004. Working in an academic library is my goal. Universities may be as flawed as other institutions, but they are a wonderful environment for me.

I graduated with my MS in LIS in May 2006 and began a 2nd LIS degree (CAS) the very next day finishing my course work in 2008. My focus was on classificatory structures; authority control; controlled vocabularies; Terminology Services; relationships; the training and education of catalogers and metadata specialists (metadaters, metalogers, catadaters?), to include formal and informal education, continuing ed, and professional development.

Life presented one of its (sustained) “in the way” moments and my thesis never got written. Nonetheless, it was a valuable experience; I furthered my wonderful education and was provided with a complex and interesting research interest.

What I was attempting to do in my CAS paper, and still hope to write about at some point, was an attempt to (1) outline a theory of communication and linguistics called Integrationism and its critique of orthodox views of linguistics; (2) provide a brief overview of the major paradigms of information science, with a short critique of the physical and cognitive viewpoints, and (3) situate Integrationism within Hjørland’s socio-cognitive domain analysis.

My purpose was/is two-fold: First, offer a critique of the practice of research in our field which routinely ignores any theoretical (or practical) issues incurred by failing to state one’s theoretical views on language and communication; secondly, determine whether Harris’ Integrationism can serve as a productive theory of language and communication for LIS.

I am on currently not in the job market but I could be if you want to make an offer. Cataloging and metadata work is what I am looking for. More information on me, and my CV, can be found at my website.

I got married to the most wonderful woman in May 2010.

I also have two amazing adult children—Jeremy and Sara. Jeremy is a First Sergeant in the Army. Sara graduated from Oberlin College, did nanotechnology research for a year and has been an indexer and abstracter for Chemical Abstracts for a few years now. Both are married and they have given me a wonderful son- and daughter-in-law.

After “retiring” from the Army in 1998 I attended Illinois State University in Normal to finish my undergraduate education. I majored in Philosophy, and also completed minors in Cognitive Science and Applied Computer Science. I worked at Milner Library for the 3 years I was a student and upon graduation got a staff job there in Access Services (Circulation, Reserves, and Interlibrary Loan) where I stayed for 3 more years.

Organizations a Member of:

American Society for Information Science & Technology ASIS&T
International Association for the Integrational Study of Language and Communication IAISLC
Beta Phi Mu, Alpha Chapter
Golden Key National Honor Society

Interests (some):

Roy Harris and Integrationism; language use and theory in LIS; language and communication in use; classificatory structures; authority control; controlled vocabularies; standards; cataloging and metadata education and training; technology and its impact on society and the individual; education; XHTML and CSS; life-long learning; librarianship, especially its history and philosophy.

[Last updated: 6 April 2012]

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