2017 Books and Reading Follow-up


I am going to try and follow-up on all of the goals and things I set myself to track in my 2017 reading.

First though, I am going way minimal next year. I really found that I don’t give a crap about much of this—especially the writing of reviews and the godawful amount of data tracking. Who needs it? Life is way too short. [More on this soon.] I am happy enough with my reading and need less pressure; especially so regarding self-pressure.

The writing of reviews : several of my challenges involved writing and posting reviews as part of the challenge but fairly early in the year I decided I simply did not care. If a book sparked a well-done review out of me then “Woohoo!” But if not then move along, quickly. And let the pressure go. …

2017 Reading Challenges & Goals

http://marklindner.info/blog/2017/01/01/2017-reading-challenges-goals/ 2017curr #2017poss #2017look #2017gnc #2017nfc #2017transl #2017reading

Generic goals: [# finished in 2016 : # finished in 2017]

  • More poetry; re-reading encouraged here [2 : 8 [3 re-reads]] Excellent!
  • More erotica, sex & gender [3 : 9 + 1] Also excellent.
  • More literature [1 : 6] Also excellent.
  • More librariana [1 in progress; slowly : 3] Better.
  • Translations same-ish [14 : 6, gave up on 1] Oh. My. Perhaps a little commitment here next year.
  • More ebooks [8 : 27] Very excellent.
  • Nonfiction same-ish [54 : 53] Cool.
  • More essays and short stories [1?, unknown for sure : 4 + 3] Also excellent.
  • [Fiction 48]
  • [Total books [F / NF / Poetry] 48 + 53 + 8 = 109]

Books currently reading being read [2017curr]

Finish all 4 of the books I am supposedly currently reading.

Finished 1 of 4 : Glushko, et al. – The Discipline of Organizing

2017 Books To Read Challenge (personal) [2017poss]

2017 Books To Read Challenge (personal) post

Total of 85 books (which includes some 8 on pause) I challenge myself to complete 2 from each of the 16 categories and a total of 35

Finished 17. Currently reading one together, of which we are on page 258 of ~307. So not so good. But I also don’t care. [See below for breakout.]

2017 “the looking all around list” Self-Reading Challenge [2017look]

2017 “the looking all around list” Self-Reading Challenge

At least 30 of 40 categories read in.

Finished 28 categories, with a possible 1-2 more if seriously scour list. A total of 21 titles met these 30. Not shabby. [See below for breakout.]

2017 A Novel Idea selection (Deschutes Public Library, Bend, OR)

Homecoming by Yaa Gyasi [A Novel Idea] I finished this on 01 January 2017 and it was excellent.

2016-2017 Author! Author! Literary Series

Finished 1 of 3.

  • Dave Eggers : 19 January 2017 [not reading anything for this]
  • Anthony Doerr : 4 February 2017 : All the Light We Cannot See
  • Siddhartha Mukherjee : 10 April 2017 : The Emperor of All Maladies [gave up]

Categories I am tracking in 2017:

  • fiction 48
  • nonfiction 53
  • ebooks 27
  • translations 6
  • beer 18
  • biography / memoir 10
  • Central Oregon 1
  • cookery 2
  • erotica 9
  • essays 4
  • graphic novels 37 : 29 F / 8 NF
  • history 16
  • language 4
  • librariana 3
  • literature 6 [but, oh the counting thereof …]
  • on pause Bagan with 4; ended with 6 [others?]
  • philosophy 3
  • photography 2
  • poetry 8
  • post 2016 election 9
  • renewal 4
  • re-reads 7
  • science 8
  • sex & gender 1
  • short stories 3
  • tech & software [2016poss only] 2
  • together
  • wander 7
  • YA & children 12
  • [gave up 4]

Challenges hosted elsewhere

2017 Goodreads Challenge

My goal is 100 this year, same as last year.

Finished 108, but seems 1 is missing. Should be 109.

2017 10th Annual Graphic Novel/Manga Challenge [2017gnc]

24 for Silver Age [all needed reviews]

Read 37. Reviewed 12. Yay! Not yay.

Nonfiction Reading Challenge 2017 [2017nfc]

Read a minimum of 50 nonfiction books and review a minimum of 25 of these.

Read 53. Reviewed 9. Yay! Not yay.

Books in Translation Reading Challenge 2017 [2017trans]

Read a minimum of 16 translations and review a minimum of 12 of these.

Read 6. Gave up on 1. Reviewed 2. Not yay. At all.

2017 Books To Read Challenge (personal)

2017 Books To Read Challenge (personal) http://marklindner.info/blog/2016/12/17/2017-btr/

Finished 17 out of 35 challenged from a total of 85 books (which includes some 8 on pause). I also challenged myself to complete 2 from each of the 16 categories.

We are currently reading one together, of which we are on page 258 of ~307, but won’t finish it tonight [31 Dec 2017].

Beer and Brewing [4: 18 total]

Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers (Brewing Elements) – John J. Palmer and Kaminski [own] Read 25 February – 24 March 2017

New Brewing Lager – Noonan [own] Read 13-18 February 2017

The Brewer’s Companion – Mosher [own] Read 7-8 February 2017

The Homebrewer’s Companion – Papazian [own] 21-25 January 2017

Central Oregon [*1 : 1 other]

*Hiking Oregon’s History – William L. Sullivan [DPL] [own] [currently reading]

Erotica [0 : 9 others]

History [1 : 16 total]

Hip Hop Family Tree, v. 1 [have Lib] Read 24-26 April 2017

Librariana [1 : 3]

Cataloging the World: Paul Otlet and the Birth of the Information Age – Alex Wright [own]Read 2 February – 27 April 2017

Language [Language and related] [1 : 4]

Integrationist Notes and Papers 2014 – Roy Harris [own] Read 27 January – 3 February 2017

Literature [(lit, poetry, essays, short stories) and literary theory] [ 6 + 8 + 4 + 3 = 21]

Imagination in Place: Essays – Wendell Berry [own] Read to Sara 11 January – 06 March 2017

Philosophy [loosely defined] [2 : 3]

Self and Soul: A Defense of Ideals – Mark Edmundson [own]

Philosophy on Tap – Lawrence [own] Read 21 May – 7 June 2017

Post 2016 Election [0 : 9 others]

Renewal [0 : 4]

Soul: An Anthology – Cousineau [own] Read 1 January – 6 March 2017

Sex & Gender [0 : 1 other]

Tech & Software [2 total]

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation – Pollan [own ebook] 16 January – 14 February 2017

Abuse of Language—Abuse of Power – Josef Pieper, Lothar Krauth [translation] [library]

Wander [1 : 7 total]

Selected Stories – Walser [translation, short stories]

Assorted/Too Lazy to Classify [0 of 4]

Re-reads [3 : 7 total + 1 in progress]

*Reverence – Woodruff [renewal] [own] [reading]

On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year – Roripaugh [poems] [own] 17-30 March 2017

What Do We Know – Oliver [poems] [own]

Winter Hours – Oliver [poems] [own] Read 6-16 March 2017

On Pause [0 of 8]

2017 “the looking all around list” Self-Reading Challenge [2017look]

At least 30 of 40 categories read in.

Finished 28 categories, with a possible 1-2 more if seriously scour list. A total of 21 titles met these 30.

  • A book about the production of a favorite beverage, or one of great interest : began Alworth’s Cider [intend to get back to it] but let’s be honest, I read ~15 books and beer and/or brewing this year. This is ticked.] 9-17 January 2017 Sustainable Homebrewing by Loftus
  • An ethnography
  • A biography or memoir : 02 January 2017 Johnny Cash by Kleist
  • A work of classic literature
  • A book with more than 500 pages : 09 January 2017 All the Light We Cannot See
  • A book published this year (2017) : 08 February 2017 The Lunar Chronicles 1: Wires and Nerve
  • A book with a number in the title
  • A book by a female author : 01 January 2017 Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi
  • A book of short stories : 23 February – 12 March 2017 The Slab by Glen Humphries
  • A book of essays : 01-10 January 2017 Ways of Seeing by John Berger
  • A book set in a different country : 01 January 2017 Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi
  • A book from an author you love that you haven’t read yet : 27 January – 3 February 2017 INP 2014 by Roy Harris
  • A book a friend recommended : 12-13 January 2017 March, Book One – Three by John Lewis, et al. Recommended by Angel Rivera
  • A book at the bottom of your to-read list
  • A book more than 100 years old [1917] {older, yes, 150 is 1867} : 19 June – 14 August 2017 Selected Stories by Walser [1916]
  • A book you can finish in a day : 01 January 2017 Howl: a graphic novel
  • A graphic novel : 01 January 2017 Howl: a graphic novel
  • A book by an author you’ve never read before : 01 January 2017 Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi
  • A book you own but have never read : 01 January – 06 March 2017 Soul: An Archaeology
  • A book that takes place in your home town : 14 December 2017 Eat, Play, Lust by Fenske
  • A translation : 02 January 2017 Johnny Cash by Kleist
  • A book about war or a battle : 09 January 2017 All the Light We Cannot See
  • A book about feminism : 20-21 May 2017  We Should All Be Feminists
  • A self-published book : 3-6 January 2017 Beer, in So Many Words, Adrian Tierney-Jones, ed.
  • A book about the region you live in [Central Oregon]
  • A book of poems or about poetry : 01 January 2017 Howl: a graphic novel
  • A book of erotica : 14-21 March 2017 The Naughty Pleasures Bundle
  • A book on sex/gender : 20-21 May 2017 We Should All Be Feminists by Adichie
  • A book about your professional realm [librariana] : 2 February – 27 April 2017 Cataloging the World
  • An ebook : 16 January – 14 February 2017 Cooked
  • A re-read : 16 March 2017 Winter Hours
  • A book for post-election understanding [fascism, race, economic disparity, social justice, …] : 12-13 January 2017 March, Book One – Three by John Lewis, et al.
  • A book from an opposing viewpoint
  • A book by an author of a different race : 01 January 2017 Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi
  • A book about a different faith or religion
  • A book from a genre you don’t normally read : 09 January 2017 All the Light We Cannot See
  • A book about Puerto Rico
  • A book about Cuba/Castro
  • A book of Latin American history or literature
  • A microhistory : 12-13 January 2017 March, Book One – Three by John Lewis, et al.


So that’s it for my reading in 2017.  I also read 2 issues of Lapham’s Quarterly [Magic Shows and Communication] and they are in Goodreads but how to count them?

My Pilot Butte story

Carol Smith asked folks to share their Pilot Butte stories if so inspired. Here’s my still ongoing story:

I don’t have a Pilot Butte story but I do consider myself to be working on one.

After moving to Bend in August 2012 we climbed Pilot Butte but then gave it little thought. On January 1st 2014 we had hiked to the summit with an acquaintance for sunrise in 6°F weather and snow on the ground. We attempted another sunrise hike on January 1st 2015 but our timing was a bit late so we stopped part way up and watched the sunrise from an east-facing bench. We tried to do it this year but a temperature inversion had kept a good bit of pollution in so we (reluctantly) passed.

In mid-2014 I had some fully unexpected health issues arise. After almost 9 months and no real answers from doctors as to what the issue was I decided to try eating healthier and to try to get back to exercising.

In the past I was primarily a runner, even if any extremely fair weather one. Along with being an on-and-off one over the years. I knew my frame was not strong enough for running so decided I could use the butte since it is so handy. We live 0.65 mi from the the backside Lafayette Street park entrance. I tried doing the summit once or twice but that almost completely broke me so I switched to the base trail, which I fell in love with.

I got so good at it that last year my times just kept dropping and dropping. Eventually in later summer, I walked the 3.03 mi, from home to the base trail around and back home, in an average of 12:00 miles. This includes a fair bit of up and down. Yes, the down helps lower the uphill times but there’s still a lot of uphill.

Early this year, after some physical therapy for structural issues last fall, I began summiting. Now most of my hikes include both the base trail and the summit. I have even now worked up to twice around the base trail and once to the summit and back for three laps, and once so far I managed a 2×2 with a base, summit, base, summit hike for endurance.

I have ran/walked the base trail a couple times over last fall and this year so far. A couple weeks ago I ran/walked the summit and earlier today I ran/walked the Pilot Butte Challenge course. It was still far tougher than I would like but I also know I have a long, long way to go to be in good shape.

Clearly I have to do other things than hike to get there but Pilot Butte has been a major instrument in getting me there. It is full of an ever-cycling profusion of wildlife, be it plants or animals. The views are incredible and inspiring, be it the gorgeous Cascades to the west, the hills on the way, Newberry Caldera in the south, the austere beauty of eastern Oregon, or the grandeur of Smith Rock and Mount Hood to the north.

I now have 442 miles in the Pilot Butte Century Club since ~March 2014. Some people summit 4-5 times a day, almost every day. I would like to be able to do that too, although it would only be a once in a while thing for me, I think. If I can do that hike then I would probably prefer to get out and do more of the amazing hikes in and around Bend than I have so far.

I will keep hiking Pilot Butte whether it is the base trail or the base and summit. In the winter I will take the road when I have to.

Maybe Pilot Butte isn’t fully responsible for saving my life but it has been a major factor in my renewal. I am so very thankful that it is as close as it is to us so I can walk to it and back. It is a massive inspiration and I love its trails. The butte is there. Has been and will be for a long, long time. Perhaps it’s that love that has saved me.

My other 10 or so Pilot Butte posts can be found here.


Dunegan – Best Hikes Near Bend

Best Hikes Near Bend (A Falcon Guide)( Best hikes near series) by Lizann Dunegan
Date read: 6 April 2015 – 5 June 2016
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Challenges: 2016nfc

Image of the cover of Lizann Dunegan's Best Hikes Near Bend

Paperback, viii, 223 pages
Published 2014 by FalconGuides
Source: Own

This one took me a while, primarily due to one or two very long reading breaks. It is actually a fairly quick read, if one were to read it cover-to-cover like I did.

Bottom line: Highly recommended for hiking in the vicinity of Bend.

The book is “endorsed” by the American Hiking Society, as their emblem is on the cover, but I can find no other info in the book regarding such agency. No idea if they are the premier US hiking organization or fall somewhere else on the spectrum. http://www.americanhiking.org/

The book contains 40 hikes around the Bend area. And, yes, Pilot Butte is hike #1, as it should be [Haven’t talked about the butte here in a while, have I?].

Here is the map used to show you what that means:

Image of the map showing region covered as near Bend.

There is also a short introduction with some [but not much] information on weather, flora and fauna, wilderness restrictions/regulations; a how to use this guide section; a trail finder which covers waterfalls, great views, for children, for dogs, streams, lakes, nature, and history.

Next comes the 40 hikes and then a 23-page section called the Art of Hiking, which covers the following: trail etiquette, getting into shape, preparedness [water, treating water, food, shelter, finding a campsite], first aid [general, sunburn, blisters, insect bites and stings, ticks, poison ivy, oak and sumac, snakebites, dehydration, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, frostbite, altitude sickness (AMS), Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)]; natural hazards [lightning, bears, mountain lions, other considerations]; navigation [maps, compasses, GPS, pedometers]; trip planning with checklists for day hikes and overnight trips; equipment [clothes, footwear, hiking poles, backpacks, sleeping bags and pads, cellphones; hiking with children, hiking with your dog; and an index.

Each hike has an overview which covers why you might be interested, what else you will see, etc. Then there is a big box with all of the important info summarized (start, distance, hiking time, difficulty (and why), trail surface, best season, ….

Then there is a more fleshed out description and photos, followed by a clear map of the hike, miles and directions [turn-by-turn, if you will], options and hike information.

I found the format to be clear and highly useful. I have done a few of these hikes but I look forward to doing several more; hopefully soon for one or two. The author also does a good job in the text of telling us where we need mosquito/insect repellent.

Highly recommended if looking for a hiking guide book of trails “near” Bend. Use the scan of the map above to determine whether they are near enough to Bend for you.

This is the 19th book in my Nonfiction Reading Challenge hosted at The Introverted Reader

Williams & Crowell – A Pictorial History of the Bend Country

A Pictorial History of the Bend Country by Elsie Horn Williams and Jim Crowell

Date read: 15 January – 05 February 2016
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Challenges: 2016nfc
No pic available
Hardback, 223 pages
Published 1998 [Rev., 2nd ed. cover title: The Bend Country: Past to Present] by The Donning Company Publishers
Source: Central Oregon Community College Barber Library [F 884 .B38 W54 1998]

I enjoyed this well enough; it had its moments. To either side of the pendulum. I learned a few things about Bend I hadn’t known and had a few others reinforced.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • I. 1825-1877
  • II. 1877-1900
  • III. 1900-1904
  • IV. 1904-1911
  • V. 1911-1915
  • VI. 1915-1920
  • VII. 1920-1933
  • VIII. 1933-1950
  • IX. 1950-1970
  • X. 1970-1983
  • XI. 1984-1998*
  • Bibliography
  • Author Biographies
  • Index

* Rev., 2nd ed. Ch. XI 1984-1998 (c)1998 by Jim Crowell. 1st ed. was 1983.

This is book of photos of the Bend area and its residents, along with captions providing context, divided up into chronological order. The photos within sections—and even across once or twice—are a bit looser.

Recommended if you are interested in Bend history. Not exactly a history as such but it is captioned historical photos.

[Of interest to no one except other book metadata geeks]

As a cataloger, let me say that this book is a mess! It does not help that the work itself doesn’t do the best job of representing itself, at least in the rev. 2nd edition I have at hand. There are records for both editions in Worldcat but the title is clearly different in the newer one. Or is it? The title page still says “A pictorial history of the Bend Country,” which according to the records should be the title of the first edition. But clearly on the cover, the spine, and the dust jacket of this edition it says the title is: “The Bend Country: Past to Present.” Title page verso has LC CIP which has the title as “Bend: a pictorial history.” Considering we use the title page as our main source it is correct. The MARC record does have an alternate title for the cover title. Still. Publishers you need to understand how things are cataloged if you want to rename works. Or generally.

This is the 7th book in my Nonfiction Reading Challenge hosted at The Introverted Reader

Pilot Butte Update 5: Goals attained


Back on 26 January I wrote my first post, Exercise goals for 2015, that included Pilot Butte, our local cinder cone and State Park. Due to health issues I needed to get in better shape. It has been an assortment of struggles but I have managed.

As for walking, this is what I wrote in that post as my revised 2015 goals:

  • 8 mi/week [till needs to go up]
  • Pilot Butte 1x/week
  • Make the Century Club by the end of 2015

Second Century

Yesterday (Friday, 6 November) I completed my 100th lap of either up and down and/or around Pilot Butte. My second Century completed this year! This being week 45 means I have done it an average of 2.22 times per week. Or, as I’ll get to, those 100 laps happened over 88 actual trips, so let’s say an average of 1.95x/week.


I grabbed a blank Century Club Mileage Log on my way round the base for my 3rd.


There have been assorted delays, setbacks, etc. on the way to this achievement. I started the year pretty well broken physically and I am still working to correct that in some ways but have made great progress. My feet and legs were completely broken from bad shoes and too much walking in Portland during weeks 14 and 15.

Mentioning Portland, we’ve had several trips to Portland, Corvallis and Eugene that took away from my ability to do the Butte. Late in the evening of 14 June I spent several hours in the emergency room as every muscle in my neck and upper back was in complete spasm. That was another week or so I couldn’t do much physically. I have lately been doing physical therapy to correct that issue. Between 19-30 September it was too smoky out from forest fires. And so on.


I started out summiting the first four trips to the butte but my back was hurting too much so I started doing the base trail, which probably has more overall up and down but is less taxing since it isn’t mostly all up and then mostly all down. I didn’t summit again until 1 April. Then 10 May, 26 September (Pilot Butte Challenge), and 27 Sep for Super Blood Moon.

Being both inspired by the Pilot Butte Challenge [here and here] (which I volunteered at this year but want to do next) and by the fact that I summited again the very next day, carrying a folding chair and goodies, for the Super Blood Moon I decided to start trying to summit more often. I have done it another eight times since the end of September. And all of those have been doubles.


It turns out that since I have to take a good portion of the base trail around to get to the start of the nature trail to the top I have basically gone half way around just to get to the trail up. The other half of the base trail is only 0.17 mi longer. So I always now get two laps if I summit as I just go the rest of the way around the base trail on the way home. My first couple of doubles, though, were by doing the base trail twice around in the same trip. I first did that on 31 July, then 14 and 31 August. Since then, all of my doubles have been base and summit trips. Number of doubles by month: 1 July & September, 2 August, 5 October and 3 November (so far; as of 6th). The last four trips have all been doubles.

  • Jan 6 laps for 6 trips
  • Feb 9 laps for 9 trips
  • Mar 10 laps for 10 trips
  • Apr 5 laps for 5 trips
  • May 7 laps for 7 trips
  • Jun 7 laps for 7 trips
  • Jul 10 laps for 9 trips : 1st x2
  • Aug 9 laps for 7 trips : 2 x2
  • Sep 12 laps for 11 trips : 1 x2
  • Oct 19 laps for 14 trips : 5 x2
  • Nov 6 laps for 3 trips : 3 x2

100 laps for 88 trips

Centuries Completed

I completed my first Century on 20 July and my second on 6 November, as I wrote earlier. So it took me until day 201 to complete the first and only until day 310 for the second (or 109 days); I almost cut the time in half.

Can I get 25 more trips by the end of the year?


I had several PRs (personal records) along the way but the main ones were 22 July, with an average of 13:00/mile (walking) over 3.03 mi, which I thought I could never beat, and a week later on 7 August with an average of 12:05/mile and a time of 36:41 over 3.04 mi. I truly do not see myself breaking that any time soon. I was really, really, really pissed off about something that morning so I was in some sense already warmed up. Seeing as I didn’t believe I was ever breaking the 13:00/mile record I just set out. Getting that first half mile split from MapMyRun/Hike I told myself to slow down. Then told myself I felt fine and probably told myself to shut the fuck up with the self-direction giving and walk. Pace continued to be blistering and I felt good—at least for a while—so I kept at it. Eventually it wasn’t really fun anymore but I was still cooking so I stubbornly kept at it. Somehow—I still do not believe it myself except that I “was there” and I heard the splits in my earbuds and MayMyRun got the whole thing recorded with no hiccups—I took another 55 seconds per mile off my PR. Craziness.

Other Walking

Amongst all this walking of Pilot Butte, I have increased my walking around town (most of downtown is from 1-1.25 mi from our house), I walked all around Portland, Corvallis and Eugene, and I went on several other hikes, including one in Eugene. On 26 April Sara and I went out and took the Flatiron Trail in the Oregon Badlands. I also went on all three of the BMBW ONDA Bend-area brewery hikes: 20 May at Scout Camp with Crux, 12 June at the Oregon Badlands (a different section) with Worthy, and 24 July at Black Canyon at Sutton Mountain with Deschutes. On 21 September I took myself out the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway and hiked up Tumalo Mountain.

I have recorded walks totally 510.2 miles so far this year; divided by 45 weeks give 11.33 mi/week so far. It seems that I have achieved all of my walking goals for the year. There were a total of 14 weeks where I had less than 8 miles in them but the last was 10 weeks ago, with the previous one 8 weeks before that. Thus, the vast majority were early on in the year or due to injuries and smoke-filled unhealthy air.

2015 Goals

My other moan goals for the year didn’t work out anywhere near as well. I basically failed at all of them. Lots of extenuating circumstances, including aspects of my health and related issues, but I failed at them nonetheless. That was pretty devastating earlier in the year when it happened and, despite accepting it all, it is still fraught with repercussions for me.

This post and taking the time to look at these numbers and such to put it in perspective has helped mitigate those failures a lot. I nailed my walking goals for the year! More importantly, it has immensely improved my health and attitude.

Pilot Butte Challenge 2016 prep

Like I said above, volunteering at the Pilot Butte Challenge—a 1+ mi run mostly uphill—got me motivated for next year and I drafted an early training plan over the next couple of days. It has been modified a little since late September/early October and it will no doubt be modified in the coming months, especially as we see how my getting out during winter actually went and how soon I get started on serious training next year. Then there’s keeping healthy, needing smoke-free air and so on.

October 2015

  • Begin summiting more frequently [began Oct 2015]
  • Get a base summit time (by self) early [did 4 Oct 2015 14:45.28 (watch) :: 7 Oct 2015 0.86 mi in 14:29 @16:46 (MapMyRun)]
Screen snap from MayMyRun site of my baseline hike up Pilot Butte

Screen snap from MayMyRun site of my baseline hike up Pilot Butte. Not the Challenge course but a known entity for me to train over, Besides, the rest of the Challenge course is flat. I simply cut out the flat parts at the top and bottom.

Winter 2015-16

  • Keep hiking both base and summit, as can

March 2016

  • Start pushing through steeper sections, ‘resting’ on less steep. [aim for 15:30 through the middle uphill section (1.5 – 2.0 mi from home CCW). Did roughly 16:30 through there 28 Oct 2015]

April 2016

  • Start run/walking base trail concentrating on uphill sections


  • Try jogging whole way to summit


  • Run/walk summit concentrating on steeper sections


  • Run summit for time

Late September

  • Pilot Butte Challenge

Previous posts

Previous posts about or mentioning Pilot Butte:

DigiWriMo 2015 [mentioned as a writing project]

Pilot Butte Update 4

PRs and first Century. And another PR in the comments

Pilot Butte Update 3

Ran the base trail (once)

Atkeson – Oregon II [mentioned a photo most likely taken from the butte]

Pilot Butte Update 2

“Maybe I can complete two Centuries this year.”

Pilot Butte Inspiration

“The Pilot Butte Challenge is barely a dream at this point.”

Exercise goals for 2015


For the more pictorially-minded, I have a set of 74 photos from the January 1st sunrise hike in Flickr and have just uploaded another 255 photos I have taken of and from the butte since then. [Flickr is being extremely ignorant and some of the photos are clearly not in chronological order, although most are. Asses me up!]


All in all, my progress on these goals is very heartening. As I said earlier, in other areas I have had an often horrible year; a very demoralizing one.


This makes me happy.

Pilot Butte Update 4

Wow. The last update was 24 March: Pilot Butte Update 3.

I left off in week 13 and now we’re in week 30. ::sigh:: I guess I could say there have been a lot of ups and downs in between but that’s too easy of a gag. And, sadly, the metaphoric use would more honestly be mostly downs.

There was one awesome high point though. I was walking really well in late April and throughout most of May. On 5 May I set a personal record (PR) of 14:17 min/mile averages with nice negative splits.

On the morning of 18 May I set out with no particular goal. When I got the first half mile split of around a 14:30 min/mile I told myself I had best slow down. I listened for a second or two and then said, “But I feel great” to myself and just walked. At mile 1 I got that 14:34 split [see below] and decided I still felt great and if that kept up I could set a PR. Things felt awesome all the way through so I went for it.

13:32 min/miles. Walking. Up and down.

Pilot Butte walking PR set 18 May 2015

Pilot Butte walking PR set 18 May 2015

Here’s the [rough] elevation change for this hike, in case you don’t know it [some of these numbers are silly but the consensus seems to be ~260 feet change from top to bottom, but there are a lot of ups and downs between those limits. And the elevation under Max and Min is far closer to our elevation above sea level]:


This was definitely a high point. Not just in my walking but period. For the year so far. I was definitely stoked.

After that my health, mental and physical, went to shit for various reasons and in various ways. I spent a few hours in the emergency room one Sunday evening/Monday morning. I injured myself a couple times. And so on.

My hiking was, again, impacted. I have mostly gotten back to it; at a reduced pace, to say the least. Other changes are afoot. Trying to do some yoga and stretching, to practice mindfulness and meditate, and our diet is under revision towards an anti-inflammatory one. None of it can hurt and I sure hope it helps, especially the diet.

And now for the news that prompted this update. I completed my first Century Club this past Monday, 20 July.

My 1st full Pilot Butte Century Club card

My 1st full Pilot Butte Century Club card

I was unable to get to multiple circumferences in one trip yet—I was hoping for running to easily enable that but it looks like I won’t be running for a good while unless my health really improves. Hiking will do.

I picked up my next blank Century Club card that morning and hope to add my first entry to it in an hour or so. My goal is to fill it before 2015 is out. If I can just get back to doing it a little more frequently AND keep that up, I can do it.

One other “high point.” Sara and I hiked up on 1 July for sunrise exactly half a year after our 1 January sunrise summit. Our timing was off a bit and we would’ve been around the West side when the sun rose and not quite to the top so we climbed back down a little way, sat on a bench, and watched the sun rise. Good enough.

Pilot Butte Update 3

My last Pilot Butte update was in Pilot Butte Update 2 on March 1st. We left off in week 9; here we are in week 13. The last 3 weeks have all been less mileage than week 7 or 9 but they are over 8 miles, which is my target.

  • Week 7     16.19 mi
  • Week 8     8.96 mi
  • Week 9     13.77 mi
  • Week 10    9.71 mi
  • Week 11    9.74 mi
  • Week 12*    11.42 mi

* See below for why week 12 has an asterisk.

Century Club

All of this walking has led from being 30% done with my 1st Century Club in the last update to today’s 50%!

Photo of my Pilot Butte Century Card half full 24 March 2015

It is only March 24th and I have already completed half of the 50 trips around to “equal” 100 miles. 😀


On the 18th of March (* week 12) I set out to do some easy intervals; that is, do some jogging for short stretches alternating with longer walking. I had done that once back a week or so previously.

I wore my new tights, strapped on my running shoes and CamelBak and headed out. I did use Map My Run and recorded it only within the park, which is where I ran. I walked to/from the park.

I ended up running the entire way. Just under 1.8 mi. Seriously kicked my rear end, especially that back half, and somehow I even ended up with a negative split.

I mentioned it on Twitter and got congrats from, and had a short conversation with, two women runners and friends who inspire me. Means a lot to me that they noticed and commented.

Here are a couple images from May My Run; two are from the mobile app and one is from the website.

Screenshot from Map My Run of trail run at Pilot Butte 18 March 2015

From Map My run app

Screenshot from Map My Run of trail run at Pilot Butte 18 March 2015

From Map My run app

The same is shown in another format. And the website [sorry, only a screenshot of one part] has this nifty thing that moves the marker, in sync, around the route both on the map and on the elevation and pace graph.

Screenshot from Map My Run website of trail run at Pilot Butte 18 March 2015

From the Map My Run website (Can be embiggened by clicking.)

Anyway, I am quite pleased with myself and look forward to when I can go running again. Also to finishing my 1st Century Club. Can I do the back half even faster than the first? A negative split, in effect. I bet I can.

I’m not looking for congratulations or kudos of any kind but I documented some of my Pilot Butte exploits here already, and I want to do a better job commenting some on the changes moving to Bend entailed. I have not done a good job of that at all. By meeting both those needs and posting it here I can be reminded of how damn good this felt. To me.

Pilot Butte Update 2

In which I give an update to my hiking of Pilot Butte and more general walking and other exericse.

I first addressed Pilot Butte in my Exercise goals for 2015 post and again in the Pilot Butte Inspiration post of 10 February, which makes this update 2.

The gist was that I was going to climb Pilot Butte a minimum of 1x/week but that was causing my back to hurt too much so I decided to hike the base trail around, which really is as much up and down but in shorter more frequent doses. I also started working toward the Century Club.

In the last update I had hiked the butte 9 times by the end of week 7. Week 9 just ended—also ending month 2—and I have have hiked it now 15 times. That is 30% of the way to the Century Club with only 16.7% of the year gone by. Maybe I can complete two Centuries this year.

a photo of my Century Club card filled out to date

Times are still quite good (for me, and in my opinion) and I do not detect any kind of overuse issues beginning. I do need to get new walking/hiking shoes soon though. Should be good for running shoes but got cold again so that’ll wait.

Tights update: new tights are boring black. ::sad face:: Seems fashion moves on. Colorful tights are only available in 3/4 length tights currently; at least at the local store I went to. Maybe elsewhere the situation is different … but 3/4 length are nowhere near my radar currently. I have tights though. Of course, as soon as I got them the weather turned cold again and we even got snow and ice. It is winter after all. 😀

And thank you, Mom, seriously, for helping me with the tights. They may be boring but they should be effective. That’s what truly matters. You know me, though. Loud and flashy.

At work yesterday I went through the current version (Oct 2012) of US Army FM 7-22 Army Physical Readiness Training [PDF ~24 MB) and got a lot of good info to start doing other things besides walk/hike and pull-/chin-ups.

As for weekly mileage, in the last update we were still in week 7:

  • Week 7     16.19 mi
  • Week 8     8.96 mi
  • Week 9     13.77 mi
So despite week 6 being crap I have been over 8 mi/wk since. This pleases me greatly.
I think that’s it for now.

Pilot Butte Inspiration

I walked to, around and back home from Pilot Butte again this morning. Early in the trip, as I started to swing around the south side from the west to the east the low morning sun was directly in my eyes and casting long shadows all the way around to the northeast side. The assorted high desert grasses were glistening in the sun from the frozen dew still clinging to them.

The various playing of the light, amongst other wonderful things, was very inspiring this morning. I started thinking about how I was looking forward to when I can finally say I ran the base trail. I also decided I was looking forward to my next summiting, and especially—more long-term, of course—my first summit running the entire way. The Pilot Butte Challenge is barely a dream at this point.

On the way home I started thinking I ought try and make a small observation of my hike—kind of like Dave Bonta does from his porch each morning. I focused on the sunlight and glistening grasses from earlier. I had a couple thoughts and wrote them down as soon as I got home, quickly hashed them out and then tweeted my 1st #PilotButte observation:

Blistering low morning sun casting lengthy shadows : the high desert grasses wear glistening mantles. #PilotButte

https://twitter.com/mrlindner/status/565184974928609280 ]

I may try and keep that up. I do want to pay attention also as I get exercise. The spiritual may be as important as the physical right now.

Clearly the inspiration was evident in my next tweet:

Hey #inBend runners, I haven’t bought a pair of tights since the last century. What do I need to know about 21st-c running tights?

https://twitter.com/mrlindner/status/565205249808281600 ]

While I was walking I realized that if I wasn’t going to wait until high summer to run outdoors I will need tights. I may have a pair still but, if so, they are at least 20 years old and worn out. A nice colorful new pair sounds like just the thing to provide a little inspiration of their own.

As I stated previously, I am attempting to walk around (or up and down) Pilot Butte an average of 1x/week this year. So far, I have accomplished this 9 times and we’re only in week 7. I am also attempting to complete the Century Club this year but if I meet (or exceed) my average then I will have.

I am also attempting to walk a minimum of 8 mi/week knowing I still need to get my average up to that point. To this point my averages have been:

  • Week 1*: 3.2 mi
  • Week 2: 7.4 mi
  • Week 3: 5.27 mi
  • Week 4: 10.85 mi
  • Week 5: 7.83 mi
  • Week 6: 2.98 mi
  • Week 7: 6.25 mi^
  • * Week 1 was only 1-3 Jan (Thu-Sat)
  • ^ This week still has four days and I will be walking a decent bit, I hope, in Astoria Friday through Sunday.

So last week was a bust. Oh well. It happens. The weather was somewhat unpleasant for a while but not sure what was the real issue.

Back at home this morning, after a delicious homemade 2nd breakfast, I realized I should look at Runkeeper to see what kind of elevation change I face on this walk.

Screen capture from Runkeeper showing my pace and elevation change across my hike this morning

My pace and elevation change across my hike this morning. I love that the pace is still dropping at that elevation spike between 1.9-2.3 mi.

Looking at those numbers I decided to screen shot it and tweet it:

I may be seriously out of shape but Pilot Butte & I are coming to terms. (Home to base trail around to home.) pic.twitter.com/HY79LGB4or

https://twitter.com/mrlindner/status/565242435283214336 ]

My time just keeps improving and I wasn’t even particularly working it this morning. I am not sure what is making me unhappy lately but this—all of it—I am very happy about.

Kick-Off Surroundings

I was unable to participate in the Digital Writing Month Launch Party celebration so this is my response, particularly to the Kick-Off Surroundings bit.

The kick-off happened at 12:01AM UTC 1 November which was 5 pm Halloween here in Oregon. I had just closed the library at a few minutes after and then had to catch a bus to the bottom of the hill to meet some folks. I was also having a discussion with one of my usual patrons while waiting. I did check my phone for the kick-off post and had a quick look. Saw I wouldn’t get any done on time. No worries. I was with friends and had a good grip on ideas already.

We were supposed to accomplish three tasks within the 1st hour:

  • Who are you? Post a Vine to Twitter, due by 20 min.
  • Where are you? [Environment] 3 photos to Twitter, due by 40 min.
  • What are you going to do? [Goals] Roster and abridged version to Twitter

I was not going to bother with the first. Just not interested. And that’s OK. “The point is creation; the method to the madness is up to you.” Sean Michael Morris in Invention, Ambition, Fearlessness: Digital Writing Month 2014

Sure. The idea is to push one’s boundaries, creativity, and so forth. I plan on doing that. And while I may well ignore some of the prompts and perhaps not participate in everything, I did the same last time. Some of the new things I did to push my limits worked and some didn’t. That’s OK, too.

This post serves as my Kick-Off Environment post, which stands in way “late” for the three tweets. I did post my goals to the roster and had earlier tweeted my goals but did so again. It was definitely after the party was over by a couple hours but not many folks got to that part anyway.

Photo #1

Dr. Evelyn Crook and Mistress Quantum Sum before Halloween tarot readings for the Humane Society at Broken Top Bottle Shop & Ale Café.

Dr. Evelyn Crook and Mistress Quantum Sum before Halloween tarot readings for the Humane Society at Broken Top Bottle Shop & Ale Café. [somewhat processed]

Sara and Emily prior to giving their first readings of the night. They were doing Halloween tarot readings for charity at our local, Broken Top Bottle Shop & Ale Café (BTBS). When I got there, Sara was with three of our friends who I joined until they headed out. Not a whole lot later another couple friends, along with two more new-to-me friends, joined me for much of the evening. While we love BTBS we do not spend many Friday evenings there. Halloween was a lot more mellow than I figured it’d be though.

Photo #2

Cooler case and BTBS sign [heavily processed]

Cooler case and BTBS sign [heavily processed]

I am (consciously) unclear as to what this image means to me or the story I am trying to tell. I have an as yet undiagnosed illness, since this summer, that is playing havoc with me in many ways. For some reason this appealed to me. I, and Sara, spend a lot of time in front of these colors. They are a refuge, of sorts. This image is anything but refuge-like though. The unprocessed image is. So. This. Is a story element. Yet to be fully realized.

Photo #3

Temperance tarot card [little processing]

Temperance tarot card [little processing]

For the significance of this photo you will have to read my next post, which is thankfully 95% written already. Past me doing current me a favor [Wickett’s Law/Rule].

This was a large part of my environment for the kick-off of Digital Writing Month 2014.

Temperance. Am going to have to spend some time with that concept.