At this point in my life…

25 Nov 2004 Thanksgiving morn - As I sit here drinking my coffee, finishing my morning blog/email reading, listening to Tracy Chapman I feel I should take some time to recount what it is I am thankful for.

Happy Birthday Grandpa, wherever you are. You had a profoundly positive influnce on me; but I wish I had paid more attention!

I'm doing the best I can….

My amazing and resilient son, Jeremy.
My wonderfully wise daughter, Sara.
My friendship with my ex, Mary.
My friends, Mo, Joan and Katie. Without these three I simply would not be alive today.
My few, but amazingly interesting friends, Chris, Jeffrey.
The new friends I'm making at UIUC.
My new, as yet unknown, friends allowing me to spend this special day with them and fellow students.
Dr. Richard Stivers, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, ISU
Everyone in my reading/discussion groups - Rochelle, Brian, James; Dr. Anderson, Scott, Dawn, Jen; Karen, Ronji, Justina.
The Illinois Veterans Grant.
Music, wonderful amazing varieties of music.
The ability to learn.
Linda Smith and Curt McKay, what would GSLIS do without you?
I'm off all the meds and doing well.

A Little love and affection… share your lovin' and you live so long

Neil Young

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